Trauma Cover for Men

There is no specific trauma cover for men, but there are conditions that only men get such as testicular cancer which is covered with Trauma Cover.  Trauma Cover will pay the insured amount if the person insured is diagnosed with, or suffers a severe medical condition covered by the insurer.  The number of conditions depends on the insurer and whether you have basic or comprehensive cover.

There are specific insurance benefits that provide trauma cover for men and specific benefits for women. Still, the scope of this article is to talk about what insurance coverage is available and how New Zealand males have very concerning health statistics.

Men are on the backfoot

Men are on the back foot from the start. A boy born today will live nearly four years less than a girl born in the room next door. He will be over 20% more likely to die of a heart attack than the girl, and almost 30% more likely to get diabetes.

Worse, he is three times more likely to die by suicide or in a motor car crash.

In general, New Zealand men live on average four years less than women, and yet still remain much less likely to talk to a GP about their health. Maori and Pacific men have even shorter expected life spans.

And we’re not in great shape really: 6 out of 10 New Zealand males are overweight, nearly one in four of us smoke (again, much higher for Maori men and women), and 40 of us are diagnosed each day with diabetes.

We need to take more responsibility for our own health, and the health, physical and mental, of our mates.


Moustachioed broadcaster Mark Sainsbury is a big advocate for Men’s Health. He put it this way: “New Zealand males are killing New Zealand males. We die earlier and have higher rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and mental health issues. These develop because we don’t get checked, we aren’t as mindful of our health as women. Doctors tell us there’s a huge catchment of people not using the health system some can’t afford it, but many, and these are largely male, simply don’t engage.”

Source: NZ Herald

Diabetes, Heart Attack and Cancer

We know that prevention is better than cure that’s an absolute.  If you think insurance is the ambulance at the bottom of the hill, you’re right, but what if there were no ambulance at all?

Diabetes, Heart Attack and Cancer are just some of the conditions covered by insurers, but other conditions are included as well.  The main three conditions that New Zealand males get are covered by insurers, so Trauma Cover should seriously be part of your insurance cover.

Trauma Cover gives you more options.

We all know someone who has battled some form of severe illness, and some of us have seen the emotional and financial impact on their lives and the lives of their family members.

What are your options if you were diagnosed with a serious illness, remember Life Insurance only pays if the insured person dies or is diagnosed as terminal, so what if you don’t die?.  Put it this way, trauma cover does not require you to be dead to claim.  It pays out while you are living, it pays you money which gives you options.

Options for additional health care, maybe bypass some waiting lists for private treatment or perhaps pay for innovative drug treatment that is not subsidised by Pharmac, help replace any lost household income, and the list goes on.

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